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Stay Focused

Through all the BS and negativity in our lives sometimes little things come shining through.I know a number of you will understand what i am talking about . Yesterday it looks like I'll be performing at an excellent and popular festival in the fall. Many times I will hear from various people who just ask "How did that happen?" How did it happen? I've been submitting to them for over 5 years that's how.I worked hard, stayed on the case didn't take it personally when I got turned down and keep my eye on the ball. Finally it worked out.The same thing with the Hollywood Bowl last Summer,Cape Town and other festivals.albums etc. We had been submitting our shows for years and finally everything lined up.

.I came back to NYC with my impossible goal of one day working with Miles Davis..12 years later it happened..98% of the time the s..t just doesn't fall out of the sky..It takes a lot of work, belief, dealing with lots of rejection and still staying on top of you craft and talent and still having to make a living and deal with the everyday world..What a way to live life..I know everything can be taken away from you in a moments notice..That's why last summer when they spun the stage at the Bowl and I saw all those people out there I immediately caught myself to say take a few seconds to enjoy is too short. Stay focused and work hard..That's how it works..for me anyway

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