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From the most experienced artist to a new artist, one thing is for sure. The music business has changed. I have had 40 years of experience in all areas of the business. From producing and writing the most complex projects to doing A&R work, listening and reviewing songs and consulting and giving sound advice as to how to make the right career moves without making mistakes that could set one back years. I have a great and successful track record working with the top artists from Luther Vandross, Chaka Kahn, Sting and Miles Davis.

I offer a number of different music and production services for any level of artist.

Listening and reviewing your songs

I have always been a song person and have reviewed music for a number online companies and have gotten enthusiastic responses to my reviews. I am giving you the chance to come to me directly and make sure your song is competitive. I give a thorough and comprehensive review that also includes what instrumentation works, quality of lyrics, solos and vocals

$50: song and performance review

$150: for a full detailed review of your work and consultation for what you should be doing to move your career forward

A&R Consultations

You need guidance to get you through your project. Whether its a single, EP or Album. Everything needs to be working together. All you have to do is listen to one of the many albums I've produced to hear that I know how songs work together and that is the whole basis of your project

Career Consultations

You have a product and don't know how to navigate the today's minefield of the music business. There are many out there who just want to separate the artist or band from their money with programs that just don't work. Whenever someone says "we'll get you exposed to the top people in the business that will hear your the other way. The internet predators are everywhere I will comfortable and re-assuringly give you the advice you need to start off or continue on the right path.

Presenting yourself the right way is critical. You need to understand what a good Bio will do for you. You need to understand how to navigate yourself through social media as well.

Production and Music Services

If you have a song that needs keyboards or synthesizers I will give you what I have given many great artists. Expertly played and crafted keyboard tracks.

$300: for a basic track plus an overdub part as well.


Are you ready to work with a top producer and the very best musicians in the world? I will produce a song or an album that will be competitive on every level. I have a Grammy (produced best male Pop Vocal: Sting - Grammy 2000) and have other Grammy nominations. I have through my 40 years in this business access to the very best musicians of all genres. These are the real musicians that have delivered the magic to many hit records over the past 4 decades. From Pop, Rnb, Jazz, Country, Soul, Funk, Dance.

I also know the best mix engineers that bring all the hard work together at the end and get you a world class product. I have many label connections as well and may be able to help you place your album for label release or distribution

Production rates upon request

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