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Youth Meets Experience and gets a #1 song

I got up yesterday morning to an email from radio promoter Tom Mazzetta. One of the songs on singer Rebecca Angel's upcoming album was now #1 on 4 radio AC charts and moving up on a few others. It is the version of the Buffalo Springfield song 'For What It's Worth'. I put a new rhythmic spin on it and had some of the best musicians on the planet play on it since everybody now is quarantined. I thought it was a perfect for these times.

I have known Rebecca since she was 15 years old and knew then she had great possibilities as an artist. We took it slow as I was interested more in helping her have a career rather than do some trendy track that would be 'here today gone tomorrow'. Over the next years we did some recording together as I was also working with her father Dennis, a noted copyright attorney, who also played trumpet and wrote songs. Rebecca became a guest vocalist on his projects that I was producing.

Let's move the clock ahead. She graduated from college with a degree in music and we made an EP that was very well received. I knew it was a good start. We also knew the time was coming for her to really show her stuff and make an album. I have been in the music business for 46 years and what I knew could bring to a young artist like her was my talent and experience of spending years in the studios around the world creating with great artists like Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Sting AMO. The real key would be if she would actually listen to and learn the lessons I've been telling her.

So here we are almost done with her album and we released the single a couple of months ago and the results so far are way past expectations. The Virus has put the live music side of things on hold until who knows when. I was able to take advantage of my very large rolodex and get some of my amazing musician friends to participate. I told her that this is not the norm and please enjoy it because even though I know this album is fantastic there are no guarantees you'll have a #1 on the radio. I'm happy to say she has learned her lessons very well. She's also going to Law School at the same time..AHH, youthful energy use it while you are young.

So what does this all mean? Here I am, a man in his 60's and one who did pay attention to my mentors and built from that and I feel that right now I am at the height of my powers and believe I haven't gotten to that place that I keep on working towards. It just shows you that music transcends generations and we veterans have a whole lot to offer younger generations because we were there when music truly was great and you woke up everyday living and breathing it.

Rebecca's album will be out in Spring of 2021.

Meanwhile check out some of my work. It's easily available and support your favorite artists.

Peace, Jason

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