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Why We Moved to Portugal

I posted this originally on Facebook but after some assessment, I decided it was worthy of using for my blog...

Kathy and I came to Portugal on Nov 21.Since then I’ve posted photos and let you in on what’s been happening with our adjustment moving to a new country. We have gotten so many great responses from so many. We’ve noticed it, and it is very appreciated. Just trying to give you some flavor and see what it takes to adjust into a whole new environment after being used to something else for so many years.. we just got word that our stuff is on the way now, and this will complete a major portion of this whole scenario. Finally my instruments and studio and much of our clothing and other possessions that still are important to us will be here hopefully before the end of March.

But through this whole thing, the big question that has been asked on a constant basis to us is, Why did we decide to move to Portugal? There are a number of reasons why and you can put quality of life, quality of healthcare, and affordable cost of living. A beautiful country with people that are just very kind and friendly and scenery and environment that just never stops giving to make you feel like you’re in a special place and great food built on freshness. There was also throughout Europe, the great appreciation for the arts and music..

However, I am a musician as well and a producer, Composer, Keyboardist, and now author. One always searches for the next place that’s going to inspire.

I was not very inspired in the United States. So much to me was going wrong there, and on a professional level going wrong in the music world. I worked really hard for 50 years to create something for myself, and Kathy. We went through lots of ups and downs, and saw lots of successes and things that would help me create a legacy and résumé for myself anywhere in the world. It was never more obvious to me when I did a tour in 2018 of some really great places in Europe, and had a great band to promote Kind Of New which I know was a very forward thinking project and the reviews and response to the album proved that to me.. the band sounded awesome. The reviews were excellent and the audience showed great appreciation for not only the project but for the work that I have done for so many years, that people were finally meeting me for the first time as a leader in Europe..

Along with many other albums, that I produced and many other great artist that I’ve worked in wonderful places pppI’ve been able to perform at I got a certain kind of feeling that made me think that I could make this work here. As I started asking more people here in Europe what their opinion was, it was unanimous. I never can tell the future, but I was encouraged that I had the credibility to go, and to create some good things for myself over here and also to contribute to the music scene. Portugal could be the great launching point being close to so many places in Europe.

When I came home from the tour, we put together a really nice one sheet of a lot of great quotes from the album reviews and also the most amazing review from the Financial Times London of our show at Ronnie Scott’s.. I figured that when you come back with accolades like this, that more doors would really start to open up for a project like this. That was so creative and fresh. Well, I was wrong. I was wrong on a number of cases as I went over and assessed other situations. I have played at some wonderful venues and festivals, like the Hollywood Bowl, Cape Town South Africa, Tokyo Blue Note, Clearwater Jazz Holiday and others with my project To Grover with Love.. with great accolades and we always did good business with that because in the United States, Grover’s music is timeless and what I felt I did with it kept it at that space of respect and quality. Still, there were lots of venues and festivals that we submitted to that never took it, even though it was perfect for their festival or venue.That to me was a message that I didn’t understand but I accept because I’m not the one booking, the gigs or the promoter.. they don’t owe me anything because it’s their decision, but I always felt that what I put on was always in the right direction to create business and sell tickets and we have a track record to prove it.

So I sat down with Kathy one night, and I said I need a change.. I have a lot more to give and I have a lot to teach also about how to go and create a career for yourself in music and how to grow and inspire people to want to get a career and dedicate yourself to music but not go and create any falsehood of what it takes. I know how to develop new artists and also still have a great connection with so many great musicians in the US. I also have so many years of experience in the studio to teach what it’s like to be at the forefront of recording, and what it took, and hopefully how we can get it back Again. We spoke about it and kept on talking about it and then and we were really ready to make the move with a new album out Jason Miles Kind of New- Black Magic and a tour all set up in Europe when Covid hit.. we put everything on hold and decided to wait and take a major trip over here after things started clearing up. We did and we were convinced that we could enjoy life and also thrive here and that I would also enjoy creating music and probably getting more recognition, appreciation and more opportunities..Well so far so good hopefully soon I will go and tell you about some really great things that are on the horizon and that are coming this spring and fall but right now we’re pretty happy with how things are moving ahead on all fronts. I’ve put the one sheet on top just to show you the reviews that we got after the tour and why I was frustrated….after that anybody would be..

They were many that supported us through the years in the United States, and they know who they are, and know how much we appreciate their friendship and belief in us. To them..I say the door is always open here. I’m going to be posting a lot less but I will be keeping people abreast of what is going on and what we are doing. Will be posting a bit more intermittently because one never wants to wear out their welcome. I know I could be a lot more hard-core about my view and experiences especially the music business but right now it’s time to take a step back on that and just enjoy what’s ahead not what was behind us. As many have said about me, I’ve always had one foot respectively in the past, and one firmly planted in the future…

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