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Time, Space and People

Allan Holdsworth,J Geils, Tommy LiPuma,Al Jarreau etc etc and of course 2016...When I was 30 I never heard about someone passing away because we were not part of an older generation artists..We thought it's never going to be us..60? yeah right 30 years away, please, 70 That's an eternity away..Well to my boomer friends and fellow we are..Our generation and the one in front of us is looking at what time is for all of us.I am looking back and looking forward..back because of what I feel is an interesting and in many way blessed life and forward because I want to make sure everyday counts and I get the most out of it...I am grateful I have had and still have music and someone to share life with....I am sad for the losses but understand this scenario is never going to change..OK I'd like to now hit the lottery

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