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The New Normal..What Is It?

We spent a lot of the summer of 2001 at Livewire Studios on Chambers street 2 blocks from the Towers making Brazilian Nights collaboration with our dear friend Romero Lubambo. Kathy would often go to the towers to go to the shops under was an incredibly vibrant area. On September 10 we were with Scott Hull mastering the Album at his 57 street mastering studio…

We got into a serious discussion after I saw that Bush was making a deal with China where they can make Nukes if we can make our nuclear Star Wars system.We were all sitting around eating lunch when I said you know I’m not worried about Bush and his Chinese deal I’m worried about somebody coming into the country with a briefcase and doing something crazy that nobody would know about it until after it happened..The next day 9/11 many of us watched in real time on TV and many were downtown.

As I watched the second plane go into the Towers I thought things will never be the same again..Things haven’t been the same since then..That they let us to a downward spiral that wound up with us for no reason being in Iraq and watching so many of our young people getting maimed and killed for a phony war. The conspiracy theory about Saddam and WMDs had an already wounded country was played perfectly by Bush,Chaney and the Neo Cons.. We know the outcome..Life changed and wasn’t the same “normal” anymore.

Now here we are with Covid and the divide in the country is even more intense fueled by lies and Misinformation on a much bigger level…we keep on hearing from the talking heads as they ask the questions to the experts “When will we get back to Normal? “ Does anybody really think we will get back to normal again? (Whatever that is) We are facing real climate change which has accelerated with many still believing it’s a hoax and of course Covid and future-possible pandemics…Does anybody really think we will ever be “Normal” again…and what will that Normal be?

On a quick note…20 years has flown !

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