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Thank You

It's Dec 29 and I just feel that I need to put out to the few people that made a difference in my life this year a big thank you. Usually in this life people will pay attention and help you when there is something in it for them ($)

I have never looked to get anything back from the people I have helped,but reciprocity is a good thing and most of us will never see that because it's a me world. I believe in karma and I believe you have to live it everyday. it is hard to stay on that road but it is the basis of what is good in this life. I have a couple of people who want nothing more of me than to be a friend and show they care. A rarity indeed. Who is loyal when you need them? who is just a taker that masquerades as a friend. They are all around us. Fate,Luck it's all apart of life-Trust and loyalty are things you can't buy (to some you can until it's time to bail) If you can count on one hand those friends and people with that trait who are apart of your life, tell them and hold onto them. To some it takes a lifetime to realize that. It took me awhile,but I'm glad I found out what it takes to truly appreciate great relationships in life

Happy new Years and thank you to the few who have believed in me,my music and my vision-unconditionally

Peace, jason

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