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Talking a Big Game

It is an incredibly insecure time we live in. The only thing I'm secure with are my accomplishments over the years that are fact, reality and a result of really hard work that was put into this life and career. I get contacted by a lot of people for various reasons. I've met a lot of different kinds of people as well. What really irks me is when I hear people who talk a big game and then find out as usual much of it is BS. But they are very good at it. I recently was contacteed out of the blue by a guy on the west coast who said he was into real estate etc. I spent a minute chatting with him. he asked me what I was up to and I told him I was trying to raise money for my new project. I told him about it. He was like"this really interests me,can you get me a summary of the project and what you're looking for,I fund projects and love music and like your idea a lot. I know this musician,that artist,this guy that guy,throwing names around.

I take the time to write out a proposal and got advice from my business advisor. I sent him the proposal. The response was"hey I'm really busy but I will check this out and get back to you soon" 2 weeks go by, 4 weeks go by, no response to emails or texts. My proposal was very together,but now I realize I can add him to the list of people who talk a big game but have nothing to back it up with. It;s easy to talk your stuff up but at the end of the day do you have anything to back up your words with. It's like the honest man in the music business will tell you the struggles he goes through to stay in the business,The other side is the standard answer-"I'm a Producer !!"

Be careful what you put out there and be careful when people tell you things,bring you in, then you find out they're full of s..t. In the music world it's an everyday occurrence but as I've mentioned in the past,I try to see the good in people. I don't know why people want to project themselves to be what they aren't. Are they so unhappy or insecure they're trying to be someone else because they can flash a few dollars around. I don't know but I know I have to be more cautious and they have to prove themselves before I have to prove myself. Been there done that and the facts are available

Peace, Jason

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