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Quincy Says it All

My Blog this week is short and too the point. It is the point of view of Quincy Jones-One of the Greatest producers in music history and a hero and great influence to me. Read the Quotes and absorb!!

"I see this generation loving to be rich and famous with no work. you ave to work!"

A Question...What key Lessons are you teaching these new acts?

Everything I can think of about the things I was happy to learn 1-humility with your creativity and grace with your success. I'm tired of attitude. I can't handle it anymore. I've seen it all my life. El Divos and La Divas. I remember a major artist telling me "Man I got everything I needed. I got me a Rolls Royce and da,da, da," You can't think like that. You have to make it bigger so you can hold onto your sense of humility. That's Important. We didn't think about money or fame when we started.Not Ever. It was to just be a good musician.

Words of wisdom from Quincy Jones-what do you think? Peace, Jason

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