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October 24-2020-The Extraordinary Journey of Jason Miles-A Musical Biography

Next Saturday I'm going to premier my one man show that is the title of todays blog. I have been through many extraordinary experiences in the last 46 years in the music world. It started with my ability in the 1970's to make magic happen with synthesizers and continued to my work as a producer, composer, arranger, performer and what ever else was needed to be done to keep my career going forward. I tell stories about my work with Miles Davis,Luther Vandross,Sting, Chaka Khan,Grover Washington Jr, Whitney Houston,Michael Jackson,Marcus Miller,AMO. I was in a very unique situation and I remember it all. I decided it would be cool for me to put together a one man show that had amazing stories and great music to tell my story to the global audience. In 2021 I'll have a book and solo piano album to complete the package

I used to spend weeks and months in the studio with these great artists. We made music, ate great food ,hung out and many times became a little family with the mission of making an album. So I hope you will join me on October 24 when I'll be doing my show Virtual from the Jazz Forum with some special guests..Jay Beckenstein from Spyro Gyra, world class drummer Gene Lake and Richie Goods (bad ass bassist)-The flyer will get you to the ticket page-If You want a VR headset-$25 will get you a ticket and a headset delivered to you

Other wise tickets are just $10..I hope some of you will check this out

Peace, Jason

Ticket Link

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