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Keepin It Fresh

I have never been happy being at the same musical place. I've always searched out new styles,music,players. I believe it was because I grew up at a time in NYC when there was so many different kinds of amazing music happening. It's just been a natural progression for me. Sometimes however you pay the price for that. The first thing as a producer,artist,musician you don't want to be is pidgeonholed. Even though you may get the recognition over the years it will get tiresome and inhibit ones ability to grow. I have really noticed that about a number of artists when I hear their current and past work. So many have been stuck in the same place making the same album for years. Yeah the songs may be a bit different but their style and forward movement has them running in place. For every innovator we have 1 million who don't grow either as an artist, producer etc. Go on Itunes, Spotify-It's there in front of us. So what is this and why? The reasons are too many and every artist thinks they are the s..t and people should be following them. very few however can really back that up.They also reach a comfort zone and don't think it's necessary to try new vibes

I have been following Chcik Corea for over 40 years. I didn't understand some of his earlier more free and avant guard music-But it had something. He went and played with Miles,RTF and you know the rest. I can't say I love all the music he has done but he is always probing and finding that next space. I recently saw he formed a new band called The Vigil. I've heard nothing but great things about them. Here is Chcik at 71 (?) and still innovating and looking for new things,when many of his peers are still playing the same music,same shows and making the same albums they've been making for years with no or little variations. That is inspiring to me. It goes beyond even liking the music. It goes into the fact he still believes there is more to learn and more musicians to play with. He was recently at several clubs with this band. Not big concert halls but clubs,trying it out nightly on the bandstand. That is the way you grow. I'd love for one day to not give a s..t and call out the many who stay in the same place and don't encourage the audience to grow their taste even though they have the power to do it.

Over the years I've heard that calling and one day when I'm no longer here maybe someone will say-Jason Miles-He always was doing interesting and excellent music and wasn't scared to try something new. If that is a legacy to leave then I will feel good knowing I made the most of what talent I had and knowing that I wanted to take the audience on that special ride when you discover new music that has an effect on your life and spirit

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