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I sold my 90 Issues of Downbeat last week. They were from 1972-1981. That was my musical library and my jazz history books. I learned a lot from them. I got a real musical footing from the great writers and reviewers who turned me onto so many great albums and artists. It was time to move them on as I am hoping that the next person will get out of them what I did. I am distressed that so many younger musicians and artists have no idea about the great music from years ago. How can you be a rock guitarist and not know every note of Layla or Purple Haze.? Same with RnB. How can a singer not know about Sam Cook or Motown or even before that ? I can't believe it when a young musician tells me they play saxophone but Coltrane is too out for them. It stuns me. These are the folks who invented music that will be played for generations.

What is the new generation going to turn out ? Many can really play but have no real direction.That is why generations need to mix. It needs to be youth meets experience

I spent hours and hours listening to my companions (my albums) play music over and over again until I totally understood what was going on. There are great musicians out there with amazing chops but still have nothing to say because they don't know the history of the music they are involved with. Wanna hear Smooth jazz Saxophone? Coltrane Ballads is totally smooth. smoother than that-Just hear Lester Young and Ben Webster. All I'm saying is those Downbeats increased my passion for the music. I just hope that in this totally screwed up music business the passion will still be there for the next generation to turn this around. It can't happen though until they know where this whole thing started

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