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I recently had a phone call from along time friend. I got on the phone and asked "what's up?"He said he just wanted to call and see how I was doing and to say hello. I basically said to myself Nobody does that anymore. I was happy he called as we have along history and we spent an hour catching up. Does anybody really care anymore about each others well being ? Do we go out of our way to help a friend or does it have to be a part of a scheme that involves money or advancement. I'm willing to say it is dwindling down to a precious few. I'm writing this because of a recent incident that happened. A few years ago I was going to be performing at a noted festival. The promoter asked me who I would have in the band and on the show. Everything was fine and then I mentioned the name of an artist I wanted to get that was going to be difficult and had been out of the scene for awhile. He said "Go for it" I called up the artists agent and he said "I'll ask but i highly doubt it". I said just lay it out explain who I am and lets see how it goes. A couple of days later I got a call from the agent saying "it's amazing but she has agreed to do the shows with you" he was surprised. This artist hadn't really been exposed for a while and I seemlessly fit them into the shows and everything went great. The agent came up to me and said "I want to book a tour and we want you to put together the band and really do what you do. She's very excited"

We do this tour that really goes excellent and we get along great. They want to do it again,we are talking about recording,etc etc and things look up. To cut along story short the artist really wasn't the way they presented themselves. Ego,money and other opportunities made it so once things started to happen everybody mopved me out of the picture for their own benefit. I was left holding the bag and lost out on a very nice 6 figure payday. It didn't matter, everybody else was happy,who cares that Jason and his reputation and hard work helped make this happen,we're doing great and that's all that mattered.

Lets now advance the clock a few years and an opportunity arrives for me and it would be great if for one gig this artist could be a special guest. very easy scenario. I write an email and don't hear anything back. I take the same email and forward it again to the artist and management. The artist answers the email not realizing that I was sent their reply and basically writes to management. a very short and curt not-"tell him I'm busy" then then realized that they wrote to me and tried to cover tracks.

If you in this life does something for someone that truly benefits them you have to go into the situation like you will get screwed,disappointed, and other not so nice things and if by some chance you don't It's a pleasant surprise. I find that when people are in trouble or crisis you are a dear friend. When that passes,it's back to business as usual. This is just some real world experiences and some advice. I try to learn from mistakes but most of the time we never know we are making a mistake when it happens.

So when a friend calls and tells you they want to know how you are doing and wants to catch up and talk about life and other vibes appreciate it because most just want to get what they can get out of you. We're in this by ourselves and the few that truly love us and care. this of course is just my opinion,But in a world of desperation in 2014 anything is possible you have to question everything and every motive.

Peace, Jason

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