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Covid and the World of Live Music and Arts

Last march I was very excited at the Release of my new Album Jason Miles Kind of New-Black Magic. I was enjoying the great reviews and getting ready for the first tour of the year going to France to play some shows and promote the album with this great band. Then Covid Hit. In the beginning we were all in a state of shock that every bit of scheduled Live music for the foreseeable future was getting canceled. It was not an easy summer that's for sure.

So we are now are almost 8 months into this and the end isn't in site. Anybody involved in Music and arts always make a point of how much we appreciate the fans of our music, or theater,dance etc.....But now I have to put this out there. People going out and going to bars, large gatherings are helping to destroy the possibilities of live music happening anytime soon. If you really want it to come back you have to be a part of the solution. You know the drill and what you have to do to help us get this back.

Right now every major musician and artist etc are sitting at home trying to figure out what is next. We have no idea..So One b y one we have to get the message out there to fans and every other person who sees what's been taken away from us. This is in our power to do..

So what do you think?

Peace, jason

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