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Being Humble

You will always get complete honesty from me. First let me wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2013. I remember being at a very exotic location making an amazing album with an incredible artist and the best musicians. The artist brought us all together to this amazing place so there would be no distractions. Our wives and girlfriends were there and this was a dream come true after so many years of working so hard to get to this place. I was playing ping pong with the producer one night and I said"thanks so much for bringing me here". He then said,"when we get back keep this real low key. Never put this in anybodies face and be humble. Many will never experience this and sometimes good things like this come your way. I took this lesson to heart. I've done a lot over the last 39 years and try to be humble and live with humility.This brings us to 2013 where I have never seen so much narcissism in my whole life. When I post great pictures on Face Book or bring to the forefront something great happening I try to do it so people can enjoy it and share my experience. You will never see me post shit like "my life is great" I love what I do" having a blast, here I am in Italy and I was just in Paris or wherever, etc,etc etc. There are many who are out there who are not as fortunate and may never experience the things the world has to offer.Musicians are truly blessed this way. Be humble with your experiences and engage people in them.don't brag -especially musicians because envy is everywhere. I never compare my life to anybody else's.If you want to brag and put stuff out there I have no problem with the wonderful things I read about families.wives,girlfriends,boyfriends and peoples children and love proud. I also share sadness with people who have lost loved ones or tragic situations.Learn that it is how you present yourself that gets you respect.

Narcissism is abound in 2013-it's a big world and life can flip on a dime-humility grounds us and makes us realize that there is a big picture out there and it's about every bodies inclusion in it-This of course is just my humble opinion

Peace, Jason

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