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Grammy Award winning producer, keyboardist, composer, arranger and synthesist.


“Genius” -Miles Davis-1991

"Jason Miles is a Great Musician" -Chick Corea-2021

"Jason Miles is total Gangsta” -Sean Martin-2021

“Jason Miles has raised the level of excellence for the musicians who have had the good fortune of working with him, myself included. He has enriched the lives of the millions of people who have listened to the music he plays, the recordings he produces and the countless musicians he mentors and inspires. The work he did with my friends, Miles Davis and Marcus Miller have helped to define the modern face of jazz music."​ - Roberta Flack

"The Music Jason does requires a lot of work, yet he does it effortlessly. It’s talent!" -Michael Brecker

"Jason Miles was there with me turning a small idea into a piece of music that would grace people’s ears for years to come."
-Marcus Miller

Welcome to my website! Here you will find some history about me, some excellent photos in my gallery, various services that I also offer that will make one a better artist and musician and producer. I’ll keep you up to date on my various projects that I’m working on and have some live dates in the future to post as well. Also...look at all the different social media sites that I’m on and you’re more than welcome to join them.


Among other big news is our move to Portugal.It has been a great decision and we are really happy here.I’ve been expanding my music vision in Europe and more stuff to come

I’m happy to report that my book The Extraordinary Journey of Jason Miles...A Musical Biography is out and getting rave reviews.It was given honorable mention by the Jazz Journalists of America and has gotten global acclaim.

I bring you into my life and world with a personal view of what it was like to work with some of the Icons I had the privilege to make music with. Click on the photo and  get the link on to



My Latest Album Is Jason Miles-Kind of New “Miles to Miles Live. It is a piece of history as I brought a great band into the studio after my Miles to Miles release in 2006 and recorded these songs live to 2 track. I think you can agree the band is killing it-It’s available on Bandcamp and other Streaming services.


I’ve also just started to release songs from my 45 year archives of unreleased music in a new Music series called From the Vault-Alot more to come-the first one is Power by Chude Mondlane from 1988.Newly Remastered and you will wonder what this never came out years ago-You can preview it on the music page on this site

My last album "Jason Miles // Kind of New - Black Magic" came out on March 6, 2020, and soon after that the lockdown happened in all my live shows disappeared. So, what I did was record some new music for the album. They are digital bonus tracks that are available exclusively on Band Camp under Jason Miles. The tracks feature guest artists Randy Brecker and Russell Gunn.


A very big priority for me will be the launching of my one-man show "The Extraordinary Journey of Jason Miles. A Musical Biography." I take you through 50 years of my life in the music world and some of the amazing artists and projects that I was involved with over all this time. Mixing stories and music together to bring what my life has been into focus.

I can bring it to a city or venue near you!

Stay safe and visit often.

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